Wednesday Weekly

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Wednesday Weekly

As of this week I will be writing weekly blog. I`ve never been much of a fan of Twitter, reading the earth shattering news that ABC123 is about to go shopping, or has just finished preparations for shampooing the dog, has always left me a bit bewildered as to why someone would feel the need to share this with anyone. I feel the same about Facebook, however, to my shame I find myself reading updates like "If I wanted to listen to an ass hole I`d fart!!" (this is a real update) and it makes me smile. I like to picture the state of mind of the person who felt he just had to share this with the world. Now I`m addicted and find I spend a good portion of my day checking for updates! As a lot of my weeks tend to be the same as each other I`m afraid I may turn into a Twitterer!!! I will, however, try my best to be a little amusing, even if like today, I`m a little lost for dance related things to talk about.

I`m off for lunch noodle