Wednesday Weekly

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Wednesday Weekly

Whats up with this weather! Its so fracking hot! (anyone who may have seen the amazing new version of Battlestar Galactica, will appreciate the reference to the word Frack)
I`m a bit short of dance related things to talk about that haven't already been written about by someone else……..So, I have just been on iTunes upcoming movie trailers site and have just seen the new trailer for the next Spiderman Movie! "Amazing Spiderman" It looks as though they have simply remade the first film all over again with a new actor, how crap is that! There is the whole being bitten by a radioactive spider scene, plus of course the getting to know and understand these strange new powers, leading to a POV of new spidy running, jumping and swinging through the city.

I am ashamed to say that as much as this is just a rip off of the original film, I will be watching with my pop corn and coke as soon as it comes out! smile